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Fauna in Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National park stretched on 378sq km is situated in the vicinity of river Brahmaputra. Declared by World heritage site by the UNESCO is a home to diverse fauna and flora having meadows and marshlands packed of tall elephant grass is the perfect habitat for the one-horned Indian Rhinoceros and Asiatic elephants. Let us have an overview of the fauna of the Kaziranga underneath-

  • Kaziranga forest is chiefly a natural territory to one-horned Rhinoceros whose strength is beyond 2000 which is the highest number of rhinos in the world. The wooded area in addition to the Kaziranga forest is dwelling place to Wild water buffalo which is almost 57% of the global population. Whereas the other species in the forest that survive on green include Elephant, Eastern swamp deer, Gaur Hog deer, Sambar, Indian Muntjac, Wild boar and a few others.
  • Wild cats also known as Bengal tigers, jungle cat, leopards, fishing cat etc commonly spotted animals in the forest. Because of easy to see wilds, it was declared in 2006 as tiger reserve for the high number of tiger population in the park. It is in today‚Äôs time having the highest tiger solidity zones in the whole world.
  • Bengal fox, Indian gray mongoose, golden jackal, Chinese Pangolin, Indian Pangolin, sloth bear, hog badger, Assamese macaque, golden langur, Hoolock gibbon etc are others wildlife of the Kaziranga.
  • Ganges Dolphin can also be seen having fun in the rivers of Kaziranga.
  • Kaziranga along with being hub of amazing wild life is a perfect place for bird lovers fond of gazing at birds. It has been refereed as important Bird Area by wildlife international. You can peep around the national park, or near water bodies for some of the exhilarating view of flock of birds or single flying bird. It is also a beautiful home for array of water birds, migratory birds, Scavengers, gaming birds and Predators.
  • This is not all; you can enjoy the far distant encounter with Ferruginous Duck, Black-necked Stork, Asian Openbill stork, Greater Adjutant, White-fronted Goose, Lesser Adjutant etc and numerous other exotic birds drift from Central Asia to the Kaziranga park during winters full of coldness.

The massive open zones in the forest of the Kaziranga is a dwelling to the numerous striking wildlife variety that draw thousands of holiday-makers annually for the safari and faciliatates to make this national park, the best and most sought after wildlife tourism destination in India.