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Birding In Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga is world's leading wildlife reserve known worldwide for its awesome flora and fauna. It is the most striking place in Asia having the resource of rarest species of the world and is the reason for being acknowledged as a significant Bird Area (IBA) by the Birdlife International (a bird maintenance organization headquartered in the UK).

  • Along with being home hundreds of wild animals is an abode to almost 478 bird residents and wandering birds' species. The green treasure of flora of Kaziranga is habitat to most intriguing birdlife in Asia making it perfect place for natural world.
  • Kaziranga conserves 25 internationally dying out birds and out of them 24 that on the verge of extinction.
  • It is the most famous destination for birding and every year thousands of tourists visit it to enjoy bird watching. Along with experiencing numerous tourists from around the world for bird watching, It also has chief enduring populations of one-horned Rhinos, wild water buffalo, Eastern Barasingha, Elephant and Tiger.
  • Other than birds, It has almost 70% of the Rhinos of the world. Whereas the strength for Eastern Swamp Deer population is almost 70 % in Kaziranga. Surprisingly this heritage site is a home to 75% of the total world's Asiatic water buffalo. It is hard to find such a huge number of three species in one national park.
  • You may also get to see the scary as well as rare tigers on the bank of Brahmaputra or in the tall bushes of although chances to spot them are one-fourth. Wild Buffalo, Indian Elephants and Swamp Deer are the heavy breeding animals also found in large strength.

Birder's visiting to Kaziranga most not miss the voyage towards the Eastern route having Brahmaputra River is famous for waterfowls like Green-billed Malkoha, Bear's Pochard, Lesser- white Fronted Goose, Ferruginous, Black-breasted Parrotbill and Blue-naped Pitta etc. Kaziranga is elation for bird-watchers.

About Park :

The park is segregated into four zones which are Eastern, Central, Western and Ghorakati range. However, visitors are allowed to have an access to three routes only. Ghorakati range is not open Tourists, whereas Central, Western and Eastern zone of the park are open. All tourists can have entry to the park after taking the entry fees to authority. The Central and Western route have the heaviest influx of tourists. However, Central route is best zone for bird spotting like Spot-winged Starling, Swamp Francolin etc. Kaziranga National Park is a souvenir of nature to humanity.